At Loft, we find joy in the process of helping you get the most out of your photography investment.  We cherish relationship with our clients, and make it our aim to help you enjoy the journey to your wedding day!

A few things to know...first, we are going to laugh...a lot. We are going to chase beautiful light, and we are going to make memories that you will look back on someday with your grandchildren. And, grooms, we promise, taking pictures will be fun!

Below are a few FAQs, because we know you have questions. We've got answers!


Q. I'm ready to book, now what? 
A. Our online booking process is super simple. You simply approve your quote, fill out your questionnaire and contract, and e-sign the contract. From there you will be prompted to pay your retainer. Upon receipt of your retainer and completed contract, the studio will counter sign and your date will be locked in! :) 

Q. Do you shoot weddings together?
A. Great Question!  Loft is co-owned by Abbey & Andrea, and we currently have an associate photographer, Angela (we know, a lot of A names around here, and a lot of blonde). When you inquire, you have the opportunity to let us know your budget range and we respond to you based on budget as well as our availability. Though we each book weddings separately, we handle the day-to-day of running our business throughout the week together.  All of our wedding collections do include a 2nd photographer for your wedding day!

Q. What is an associate photographer? 
A. In the past 5 years our business has grown and adapted as our lives have changed. As business owners, we have worked every which way, from full-time in the Loft office, to remotely from our couches and local coffee shops. We have entered the newest season of life called parenthood. Consequently, our time as work-from-home moms has become more limited. In order to continue serving brides and grooms, we have hired an associate photographer to work with clients that we may not have the capacity in our schedules to book.

Q. Do I receive my digital files?
A. Yes! We are big believers in you having the rights to print your images for you and your families. You will receive your edited digital images after your session or wedding to print, share on social media, and use for things like save the dates and wedding websites.

Q. How many photos will I receive?
A. Your collection will vary based on a few things like the number of hours of coverage, or the number of people in your wedding party, but on average wedding collections include 600+ images, and usually between 75 & 90 images per hour of coverage. Your session collection includes between 65 & 80 images.

Q. How long will it take to receive my images after my session or wedding?
A. Your wedding gallery will be online and ready to view and download within 6 weeks of your event. Sessions are ready to view/download within 3 to 4 weeks. 



Q. Are you going to just put us in front of the camera and ask us to "Act natural" because we are nervous about pictures and aren't used to being photographed. 
A. First things first, unless you are Heidi Klum or Ashton Kutcher, you aren't comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, having our own head shots and photographs taken is one of the most nerve racking experiences for us too! Part of our job as photographers is to give you creative direction in during sessions and weddings. And we promise to make it fun and feel natural, and we will laugh a lot. There are parts of your wedding day that are very documentary and more "hands-off." For example, we will never interrupt a ceremony or first dance and ask you to "look at the camera" or "move over here" etc. We photograph those moments and the emotion that fills them as they unfold. However, during sessions, wedding day portraits, and part of the getting ready experience we will interject ourselves into the situation to help create the most beautiful images that we can for you and your families.

Q. I haven't got a clue what looks good on camera, what should I wear for my sessinon?
A. We will use 2 outfits for your session. Please make sure that your wardrobe pieces are ironed and hanging, as the appearance of your clothing will make a difference in the final product you receive!

Let's face it, women are usually pickier when it comes to clothing. So we recommend choosing outfits for her first, and then selecting pieces for him that compliment her attire.

Tips for choosing the best outfits:

  • Avoid T-shirt material dresses & tops - they cling to every flaw on the body. They are also harder fabrics to work with during the session as they do not allow for as much movement as other choices. 
  • Steer clear of clashing color selections and patterns. 
  • Skip pieces that restrict movement or don't flatter your body type, we like for you to feel beautiful & comfortable in your clothes! 

Don't forget:

  • Your engagement ring
  • Other accessories such as belts, scarves, other jewelry, shoes that complete your outfits
  • The proper undergarments for each piece - strapless bra or nude underwear for her,  the right socks for his dress shoes (guys always forget dress socks!), etc. 
  • Freshly painted nails or nude/clear coated nails for both hands and feet 
  • Touch up lipstick or gloss, as well as touch up makeup if you think you will need it

Q. Why do I not get to see all the images you took from my session or wedding?

A. Quality over quantity, darlings! We take a lot of images on your wedding day or at your session. But, part of our job is to give you the very best. We remove all the blinking and blurry photos, as well as test shots, and duplicates. We promise you don't want to receive all the photographs we take. It would be beyond overwhelming for you to sift through and select the best ones. That's our job. :)

Q. Do you offer wedding albums? 
A. Yes! We are so happy to offer RedTree albums to our clients. We offer albums in 3 sizes - 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12. Though we are big believers in giving you the rights to your digital files for printing, we also love the luxury of a custom designed wedding book. Albums are great for displaying your images in a tangible way.